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5 Reasons Cycling is Great for Your Health

Bicycle-Ride1Much about good health centers around exercise, and biking is a perfect fit.

A basic definition of exercise is: A planned physical activity for the purpose of improving overall health, maintaining fitness, and conditioning the body.

A good exercise regimen will include cardiovascular conditioning, strength and resistance training, and flexibility.

Riding a bike is one of the most effective workouts you can do. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why riding a bike is such a great way to exercise:

1. Tones

The obvious toning effect from cycling are the legs and buttocks. The motion of the legs and the strength from the buttocks required for propelling the bicycle tone the quadriceps muscle (which runs down the front of the thigh), the gluteus maximus (which covers each buttocks cheek), and the calves.

But don’t forget that when riding a bike you are also sculpting your upper body, too, by working the handlebars.

2. Burns Calories

A bicycle can be a calorie-burning machine. For example, the average 150 pound person will burn:

  • 270 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a leisurely pace
  • 576 calories per hour mountain biking
  • 594 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a 12-14 mph pace
  • 720 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a 14-16 mph pace

3. Works Your Muscles

You can work your core muscles and triceps by riding several  times up a hill that takes between three and ten minutes to climb.

Spend half the time pedaling out of the saddle, and while you stabilize your body over the bike, all of your muscles will be engaged.

4. Improves  Heart Health

Biking provides cardiovascular benefits regardless of how fast you go. The trick is to look for a road or path where you can ride for at least 30 minutes without stopping so you can keep a consistent pace.

Of course, the faster you can pedal a speed that you maintain, the more aerobic is your workout, further strengthening your cardiovascular system.

5. Boosts Energy

Recent studies have found that bike riding improved energy levels by 20 percent and decreased fatigue by 65 percent.  The reason is that cycling triggers the brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to energy.

The studies also showed that pedaling at a moderate pace 3 to 5 times a week fought fatigue better than biking hard.

There are as many different kinds of bikes as there are riders. Whatever your exercise level, we have a bike for you.  You’ll find everything from road bikes to mountain bikes, bmx bikes and much more at Bicycle Warehouse.

Photo Credit: studio-element.net 

Ride Your Bike and Lose Weight

before exercise

Jane “Before”

Jane C. of San Diego is a great example of a nurturing caregiver who, in the process of doing so much for others, didn’t keep an eye on her own health. Jane is a San Diego Bicycle Warehouse guest who recently shared with us her weight loss success story, and we were so inspired, we wanted to share it with you.

At the age of 56, Jane tells us that for many years, she took care of both of her parents, (one with Alzheimer’s and another with a variety of physical problems and ailments). Although she was glad to be there for them, there were only so many hours in the day and focusing on her own health and eating habits was not in her daily routine.

After her parents passed away, Jane felt a wake-up call in her life. She actually lost some weight just going through the grieving process, but, once that occurred and she thought to herself how proud her parents would be of her initial weight loss success, she decided to keep on going! She joined Curves, and made changes to her diet, but, still she was looking for something more.

Some additional soul searching helped her realize a cubicle based, desk job was not very fulfilling or inspiring. She felt the pull towards a more active lifestyle in the open air that was surrounded by nature. She had set herself a goal that when she reached a certain number of pounds lost, she would reward herself and buy a bike. Fortunately the ladies in her exercise studio encouraged her to get the bike as an additional form of exercise to help her achieve the weight loss goal. And, in doing that, she lost an additional 18 pounds!

after bike riding for exercise

Jane “After”

“I loved going to Bicycle Warehouse”, recounts Jane. “Ulysses at the Escondido store greeted me with no judgment…listened to my story ….and he was so insightful! I felt as though he was in my head when he brought me to the perfect bicycle.”

Jane has now surpassed her goal and in 1 ½ years has lost 108 pounds in total. She really enjoys bicycling around Lake Miramar due to the beautiful, scenery and it also actively looking to join a Bicycling Group so she can meet other outdoor enthusiasts and find new trails to ride.

If you have a group you can suggest or know a great trail, please leave a comment below and be sure to congratulate Jane on her success!

(Note: If you wish to be featured on our blog, email us at Debbe (at) bicyclewarehouse (dot) com with a brief description of your “love of bicycling” story.)

Bike the Bay: August 26 2012

Bike the Bay San DiegoBike the Bay is coming soon! The 5th Annual fun summer tradition where you get to ride over the beautiful Coronado Bridge is less than one month away. Join Bicycle Warehouse, a proud sponsor of Bike the Bay, and register now for the ride on August 26, 2012.

We LOVE Bike the Bay because it’s a San Diego Community Event that supports local bicycling and raises funds for the The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition advocates for and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles, promoting bicycling as a mainstream, safe and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation, and that’s right up our alley.

What’s really great is that this event is for riders of all levels of riding ability: individuals, families, corporate teams and the serious and not so serious bike rider who want to enjoy a scenic bayside ride. No bike, no problem! You can rent a bike for the day through Bike Revolution (but you must make that reservation at least 48 hours in advance).

bike the bay coronado bridgePlus, did you know this is the ONLY opportunity you’ll have this year to ride over the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge? It’s a beautiful view up there and the 25-mile bike route for this event passes through more than just Coronado, you’ll also see San Diego, Imperial Beach, Chula Vista and National City. The finishing line is at the Embarcadero Mariana Park South where there will big a celebration with food, entertainment and a New Belgium beer garden.

Thule and Raleigh will be there with their demo trailers, along with Giant. We have our booth and will be helping anyone who needs air in their tires or a quick adjustment to their bikes on race day. We’re also offering FREE goodie bags and we will raffle two giveaway bikes plus other accessories too. Plus, if anyone wants to bring their bikes to any of our stores BEFORE the big ride, we will give them a FREE bike check to review and see if they need anything.

We hope to see you there!!

Learn more or register at: http://www.bikethebay.net/registration.html

Hurry Up, Come On, Let’s Go!

bike sale through July 8Join us! We’re celebrating 20 years this Saturday, July 7th from noon – 4PM at the Pacific Beach location at 4650 Santa Fe St., San Diego, CA.

  • Free Door Prizes
  • Free Bike Give Away Every Hour
  • Free Goodie Bag
  • Free Food
  • Fun Games & Activities for the Whole Family, kids bring your bikes and helmets!

Bikes on saleVendor Expo with Thule, Felt, MirraCo, Giant, Raleigh & more
We look forward to seeing you!

– Mike, Debbe & the whole Bicycle Warehouse crew

Send Us Your Cycling History Photos

its your world ride itWe want to tell YOUR riding and cycling story from the past 20 years, in celebration of our 20 year milestone in business. Tell us how you’ve been “Riding Your World” and we’ll “feature” you right here on our blog or in Facebook!

You can email Kimberly (at) BicycleWarehouse (dot) com with your short story and photo (no more than 300 words), or upload a picture directly to our Facebook wall.

We want to know what you love about riding, your favorite trails, how you make it a family event, plus, the OLDER the photo the better! Do you have any from 1992? We do!

Send us your personal “20 Years of Riding History” photo and story and we’ll feature as many guests as we can in honor of our 20 Year Anniversary!

You can also briefly tell us about your story below in our comments section.
Mike and Debbe

Bike the Bay: Proud Sponsor!

You’ve biked the neighborhood, you’ve biked the dirt road… why not Bike the Bay?  It’s almost time for San Diego’s 5th annual event, Bike the Bay, which takes place on Sunday, August 26th, is 25 miles long, and is the one chance, this year, that anyone has to cycle over the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge.  As a proud sponsor, Bicycle Warehouse encourages all to register for this fun ride.  “Why would anyone want to ride over the bay,” you ask?  I’ll assume that was a rhetorical question *smile*.

Aside from getting to enjoy the nice San Diego weather and travel through beautiful Coronado, as well as other neighboring parts of San Diego County, riders in this event will be helping to raise funds for the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition.  This non-profit organization was designed with the sole purpose of protecting the rights of bicyclists.  With the plethora of coastal bike thefts, right turning on red and rolling stops in San Diego, cyclists countywide can understand the need for the enforcement of safety, where bikes are concerned.  The SDCBC provides educational courses for its members and actively advocates for rules and regulations to be adhered to around the county.  So, in addition to getting a great workout for the day while biking the Bay, you’d also be supporting a great cause.  Still need more reasons to participate in this event?  Read on.

Because of the nature of this enjoyable event, cyclists of any level can join.  And for those who register early, a Lotsa Pasta dinner will be provided, the day prior to the event, from 4pm-7pm in Pacific Beach for only $10 a person.  In addition,  a post-ride festival will take place for all participants to enjoy, and photographs of the event will be available for purchase at a later date.

“All of this is great,” you might say, “but what if I don’t have a bike?”  Don’t fret.  The Bike Revolution, in Downtown San Diego, is offering discounted bike rentals to all registered riders who rent at least 48 hours in advance.  Make sure to mention “Bike the Bay” in order to get your discount!

So, now that you’ve learned about all of the great benefits of Bike the Bay, go get your gear ready and register to ride!

20 Years Ago: A Trip Down Bicycle Warehouse Memory Lane

20 years can really fly by, can’t it? Our milestone anniversary of opening the San Diego Bicycle Warehouse store (called Mountain Bike Warehouse back then) is coming up this July 2012 and we’ve been combing through old photos and reliving memories about our start in the bike business.

We started this business for the love of the ride! And, we love sharing OUR love of cycling with you and helping make your outdoor adventures fun, exciting and all you want them to be.

Take a look below at some of our memories from 1992. We welcome your comments to this post sharing your own memories of how our family business has helped your family ride the world!

Opening day of Mountain Bike Warehouse on July 4th 1992.

Our first shipment of bikes: Giant, Parkpre and Raleigh

mountain bike warehouse 1992

Mike smashing the walls and getting the store ready.

San Diego Bike Warehouse in 1992

Mike painting the store in preparation for our opening day.

mountain bike warehouse 1992

A peek inside the original store 1992.

mountain bike warehouse 1992

Just two weeks before we had our grand opening in 1992.

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Don’t forget to join us on July 7th to celebrate at our Anniversary party!