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The Giant Demo Truck is Rolling into Town


Giant Demo Tour, Nov. 16th at Lake Hodges





Bicycle Warehouse and Giant, bringing you the world’s best bicycles to demo. November 16th from 9AM – 2PM we’ll be on hand to help you find the mountain bike of your dreams.  Come join us for a great time. Look for the Giant Tour Rig and big blue tent in the dirt lot behind the Chevron station located on Via Rancho Parkway.

In the meantime check out our full selection of Giant mountain bikes and decide which you’d like to demo.

To demo a bike you’ll need: 
1) a valid driver’s license
2) a credit card (don’t worry, the demo is free)
3) a bicycle helmet
4) your own pedals/shoes if you wish to ride something other than platform pedals.

Sunday, November 16th 9AM-2PM

The dirt lot behind the Chevron station located at 215 E Via Rancho Pkwy, Escondido, CA ?just off of the I-15

Click here for a map.


Our First Container has hit the road!

Yesterday morning some of our crew got together and loaded our first container bound for Africa. Check out the pictures below! We’re so grateful for all of our guest’s donations and can’t wait to see these bikes see new life and help make a difference in rural Africa.


Refine by Size

Refine by sizeExciting news from – we now offer tons more refinement options when shopping for items making it easier to find the sizes you’re looking for.

Chula Vista Road Rides

Chula Vista Crew

Did you know our Chula Vista store has group road rides every Sunday? A 15-25 mile loop around scenic South Bay just after 5:00 PM featuring some of the best riding in San Diego county.

Be sure to give the store a call at 619-498-4900 in case of route or time changes. Click here for more info on upcoming events.


Stack ‘em high

Stack 'em high

Holiday orders are stacking up. Can you find our warehouse manager Steve?

5 Reasons Cycling is Great for Your Health

Bicycle-Ride1Much about good health centers around exercise, and biking is a perfect fit.

A basic definition of exercise is: A planned physical activity for the purpose of improving overall health, maintaining fitness, and conditioning the body.

A good exercise regimen will include cardiovascular conditioning, strength and resistance training, and flexibility.

Riding a bike is one of the most effective workouts you can do. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why riding a bike is such a great way to exercise:

1. Tones

The obvious toning effect from cycling are the legs and buttocks. The motion of the legs and the strength from the buttocks required for propelling the bicycle tone the quadriceps muscle (which runs down the front of the thigh), the gluteus maximus (which covers each buttocks cheek), and the calves.

But don’t forget that when riding a bike you are also sculpting your upper body, too, by working the handlebars.

2. Burns Calories

A bicycle can be a calorie-burning machine. For example, the average 150 pound person will burn:

  • 270 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a leisurely pace
  • 576 calories per hour mountain biking
  • 594 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a 12-14 mph pace
  • 720 calories per hour riding a bicycle at a 14-16 mph pace

3. Works Your Muscles

You can work your core muscles and triceps by riding several  times up a hill that takes between three and ten minutes to climb.

Spend half the time pedaling out of the saddle, and while you stabilize your body over the bike, all of your muscles will be engaged.

4. Improves  Heart Health

Biking provides cardiovascular benefits regardless of how fast you go. The trick is to look for a road or path where you can ride for at least 30 minutes without stopping so you can keep a consistent pace.

Of course, the faster you can pedal a speed that you maintain, the more aerobic is your workout, further strengthening your cardiovascular system.

5. Boosts Energy

Recent studies have found that bike riding improved energy levels by 20 percent and decreased fatigue by 65 percent.  The reason is that cycling triggers the brain to release the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is linked to energy.

The studies also showed that pedaling at a moderate pace 3 to 5 times a week fought fatigue better than biking hard.

There are as many different kinds of bikes as there are riders. Whatever your exercise level, we have a bike for you.  You’ll find everything from road bikes to mountain bikes, bmx bikes and much more at Bicycle Warehouse.

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Bicycle Warehouse Grand Re-Opening in Chula Vista

Free Bike Store Grand Re-Opening Party in Chula Vista

chula vista bike shop

Have you seen our new bike store in Chula Vista? We moved 2 miles South East from our old location at 680 L Street over to a beautiful facility on 3513 Main Street. The layout is so spacious and open so you can really see, feel and get a handle on the bike products and clothing you want.

chula vista bike store

To celebrate, we’re holding a free Grand Re-Opening event on December 15th from noon to 3pm and everyone is welcome! The event is perfect for the whole family to attend.

See Jeff Lenosky Put on a Giant Bikes Stunt Show

jeff lenosky giant bikes

Jeff Lenosky, the Giant Pro stunt show bike rider will be there putting on a fantastic visual show that is not to be missed. He will also sign autographs after the performance. There will be 2 shows.

Test Ride a Bike from the Liv Giant Demo Van

We’ll have a women’s ride leaving at 9:45am hosted by Val from Liv Giant. To participate, plan to arrive around 9:15am and bring your own bike and a helmet. Val will be leading the ride! Depending on the skill level of the riders, we may break out into several groups. She will also have her rig with Giant demo bikes that our guests can check out!

test a liv giant bike
Bikes on the Liv/giant Western Region Demo Van Include:

3 Avail Advanced 0, XS-M (with Shimano Di2 shifting)
4 Avail Composite 1, XS-L
1 Avail 1, XXS

3 Trance XW 1, XS-M
4 Anthem X 29 W 0, XS-L

Sizing Chart:
4’11” and under : XXS
5’0″-5’3″ : XS
5’4″-5’6″ : S
5’7″-5’9″ : M
5’10” + : L

chula vista cycle shop

Plus, the kids can enjoy face painting and games. Glitter tattoo’s will be available for the kids from 1pm to 2:30pm. All guests who attend can enjoy a free BBQ and will leave with a free goodie bag just for being there, no purchase necessary. Plus, there will be hourly raffles and drawings for door prizes and great deals.

Bicycle Warehouse is a full service cyclery and repair shop offering kids bikes, mountain bikes and cruisers. Our mission is to get people actively involved in cycling and be their best source for information and equipment. It’s Your World, Ride It.

Hope to see you there!